Part-Time vs. Full-Time

ft vs pt

Yesterday night after internship I was womped!! Oh my gosh. I could have fallen asleep on my drive home, soooo tired. Today was better, my energy level stayed up. When I got home last night feeling completely zapped I walked in to find my sweet hubs cooking us dinner and a happy dog who had already been fed. I was able to change my clothes, flop on the couch, and relax until dinner was ready (SO GRATEFUL!!).

Tonight Todd got home a few minutes before me and when I walked in through the garage I found a love note from him Lucy posted on the door to the house welcoming me home. I was over the moon. When I opened the door there they both were waiting to rain hugs and kisses down on me. What a way to come home!

Tonight I got a text from a friend in the program, she is in the part-time MSW program, she is now in internship, and she works part-time. Apparently she is feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything she is having to balance and was looking for a little support. I texted with her for a bit until she seemed to feel some relief in getting whatever she needed to off her chest.

After this exchange I am sitting here with major gratitude and feeling very aware of my privilege. I am grateful to live in economic situation that allows me to go to school full-time and only focus on my classes and internship. I am grateful to be in an egalitarian relationship. I am grateful to be married to supportive spouse who shows his love openly and makes me feel safe, secure, taken care of, and capable. I realize this whole process and experience would be so much harder if I were single and responsible for my own bills. The balance would be difficult and I think that feeling of tiredness I experienced yesterday would be amplified in a major way. I think my friend is amazing. I think by the end of next semester we are all going to feel so proud and accomplished. I hope we are able to support each other and help each other stay motivated as we go along.

Tonight I am not only grateful for what I have, I am grateful to be in relationships at school that are authentic and meaningful. Relationships where we show up for each other and are able to remind each just how capable we are. I was glad to hear from my friend tonight. I was glad to be what she needed when she needed and I am thankful for the reminder she gave me. As tired as I maybe on any given day there are millions of people out there who are more tired and not able to rest like I am. I have everything I need to take care of myself, it is important to for me to remember to share when I know I have enough. That could mean a lot of things but it is a reminder we all need sometimes, when your life is abundant it is time to give of yourself however you are able.

I will not be blind to the struggle of others. I will remember the weary when I am feeling worn down. I will be grateful and give of myself.


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