Lots of Processing

There are many differences between this internship and my BSW level internship, one difference I am enjoying is sharing the experience with other interns. I do not like it more than my last internship being just me and my LCSW, it is just different and I am enjoying it. One aspect that is nice is having two other MSW interns to process things with. We are all experiencing this in different ways, there are multiple perspectives, it is great.

Today we discussed the importance of not personalizing things and shared some stories with each other. We talked about some of fears and insecurities about the internship and  our roles as social workers in general. We talked about the divide that we have all noticed in the program between the two cohorts (was glad to hear I was not the only one who noticed it, see my prior post).

Clearly we didn’t just sit around talking though. We had opportunities to talk during breaks from training. Training is going really well, learning lots. In regards to learning lots, I am advocating for myself at this internship so I can get everything I want out of it while also meeting the needs and expectations of my facility. I asked my LCSW for the opportunity to site visits at agencies we work closely with so I can learn more about them and their role and she agreed to this. I was proud of myself for using my voice and advocating for my experience.

Another awesome moment, engaging with the population. We got to sit in on group again and the population is starting to open up with us, love it!

I know this internship is going to have challenging moments, I am grateful for this time to ease in and take it slow.


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