The Forgotten Type

Yesterday I went to the orientation for my clinical internship at school. I am sure I will have an orientation and plenty of training lined up at my internship site as well but this was the school of social work’s spiel about “don’t take your shoes off at internship, etc”. I arrived late to orientation and I am blaming David Bowie for that. I was dancing around in my bedroom while I was getting ready and totally last track of time. This is my life. Someone asks, Why were you late Jillian? My answer is, Because dancing.

I wasn’t too late though, 20 minutes tops and I can definitely pin at least 5 minutes on that fact that greek row was blocked off and I had to reroute myself.

After orientation I caught up with a few of my girlfriends and we spent some time chatting. One of my friends is the president of the honor society, a straight A student (clearly), an activist, and she works part-time in a social work position while doing school and internship. This girl has her shit together. This is also one of my friends who said I was her social work goal which I discussed in a previous post. Academically and professionally speaking, this girl is performing at a higher level than I am so I do not get her thinking she needs to live up to anything I am doing in those arenas, you are already there girlfriend!

So while a few of us, this friend included, were sitting around talking we started discussing this event coming up in September. It is a benefit for the Pulse victims and their families and is being put on by our school of social work. My friend is involved in the planning of the event so she was giving the rest of us the information. She pulled out her planner and I asked if I could see it for a moment.. I was in awe! Everything was perfectly laid out and organized. Things were highlighted to indicate their importance, different items were written in different colors to quickly differentiate between work, school, and social responsibilities. Her entire life was laid out in this planner. My other girlfriend and I were oogling her level of organization and talking about it with her. She was talking about how that is just her Type A personality. I also started thinking/wondering about her MBTI type also. I know she is an I and a J for sure.. I thinking S and F for the other two but I don’t know for sure. I looked it up and the ISFJ type has the nickname of The Defender and that sounds right to me.

On my drive home I transitioned from thinking about MBTI to what she said about being Type A. I have heard of the expression Type A my whole life but never Type B. I mean if there is a Type A it stands to reason that there other types like a B, C, and D. I looked into this when I got home and found this article that not only confirms that there is Type B but also outlines why Type B is great and how the types originated. Fun fact, they were created by a cardiologist. I also took this test to determine my type. As expected I am a B.

Type B personalities are not as good with fine details, they are more big picture people (that is me all over). They value collaboration over competition, check! They respond well to “failure” because they are focused on the process of achieving goals as well as actually achieving the goal. They also appear to be more focused on their own path/growth/development etc and are less likely to be concerned with comparing themselves to others, which I not only identify with I also think that is super healthy.

So yeah, I am bias. I liked the Huffington Post article because it celebrates traits and qualities that I not only identify with but that I value. I have type A friends who are very accomplished but I am quite happy being a Type B.

type B


6 thoughts on “The Forgotten Type

  1. Your friend definitely sounds like an SJ with her planning, that’s for sure! She sounds stereotypically ISTJ, as the type-A (with everything organized and planned out) seems very Extroverted Thinking to me:

    I also admire people like this who “have their shit together” (that’s never been me!) But don’t forget as an INFP you have your own, albeit different, strengths. Such as, the ability to really listen and take in the fullness of what your clients are saying and accessing what their needs truly are, without the impatience of *immediately* jumping in to solve their problem. Be you. 😊


      1. Just wanted to make sure to remind you in case that voice in your head is telling you to change to be more like your friend. (At least that happens to me)


      2. I certainly have those moments! I call that voice my “not good enoughs”. It is super loud in trying moments like when I absent mindedly break something or am running late when it is important for me to be on time. I have gotten better about how I talk to myself though. When I feel that voice starting to bully I try to ask her what she needs to feel better because that is ultimately what it is all about. I am bullying myself because I am overwhelmed or scared or feeling some other negative emotion. The “not good enoughs” just need tender loving care like a child. 😉

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      3. It has certainly helped me. My not good enoughs exist whether I like them or not. I have found that sitting them down for a cup of tea when they show up and trying to get to know them is a more productive way of dealing with it than just allowing them to run wild and bully me. 😉

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