Feminism Encourages Women

I don’t even have time to write this post right now. I should be running errands and getting myself together so I don’t run late meeting my girlfriend for tea. All those shoulds will have to wait though because I have to get this out now.

I was scrolling FB a few minutes ago and one of my favorite powerful women who totally inspires me to be unapologetically myself at all times posted this photo for a laugh.

feminism encourages women

Of course when I read it I did not laugh and the truth is I am sure she didn’t either. The message actually doesn’t bother me, it is the judgement behind the message I take issue with.

I met the woman who posted this in D.C. when I was there for my HEALS Scholarship event last fall. She is a social work student from Louisiana and if there is one thing I have learned about her through our brief meeting and extended relationship through FB it is that she is no nonsense when it comes to feminist topics and I like that.

So my second reaction to this photo was, Well they’re not wrong technically.. Feminism Encourages Women. Period. End of story. Feminism not only encourages women, it EMPOWERS them and yeah, that probably scares the shit out of whoever created that banner.

My truth is that women are the most powerful beings in the universe. Imagine how different the world would look if the 3.5 billion women inhabiting it all woke up to their power at once. Simply put, men run things because we have allowed it.

feminism encourages women1

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