Expect to be Amazed

expect to be amazed

My mentor is known for his insightful words. So much so that these phrases are loving referred to as “isms” named for his surname. To illustrate this point without spoiling his anonymity I will give the example of the surname Baker, then it would be Bakerisms.

So a famous “Bakerism” in circles who are familiar with Bakerisms is Expect to be Amazed. He talks about embracing each day with this intention.

I thought of this Bakerism today as I sat in a moment of total awe with a friend. She is in transition and while discussing the soul work we are both currently doing she talked about being “okay with feeling rather than just feeling okay.” I had to stop the conversation and just sit with that for a moment.. It is okay to feel things rather than settling with just feeling okay..

I mean look at what is happening in that sentence. You are giving yourself permission to do what you know needs to be done to heal yourself. You are giving your control pieces permission to rest. You are letting your body and soul know that it is safe to stop numbing and feel what needs and wants and is aching to be felt.

This was a big theme woven into our time together today. It came up in many forms. I am grateful for this reminder today. I will be mindful of this next week when I start my new placement as I am sure all kinds of colorful feelings will bubble up for me.



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