The Time Before Dreams Came True

Last night Todd and I were laying in bed talking about Olympics and Math, I swear he is a Math teacher at heart. In the midst of him trying to explain a simpler way to do a Math problem I was trying to solve I started thinking about how great it is that I get to lay in bed with him and talk about Math. I never thought I could love someone so much that I would even love talking about Math. My daydreaming about my happiness is probably why it took me so long to actually get what he was saying about the Math, but we won’t tell him that.

This morning I woke up with this post in my head ready to be written. I started my day counting my gratitude for all my dreams that have come true and thinking back to the times before some of these dreams came true.

I remember laying in bed alone when I lived in my little one bedroom downtown. Every night I would read my book before bed and sometimes before I would turn out the light I would roll over on my right side and look at the empty spot next to me and think One Day. One day it will be filled by my person, not just any person but MY person.

I remember working at my first medical job and loving the work I was able to do with the patients and thinking that there was more that I could be doing but how? I remember thinking I was meant to make a greater impact but not yet knowing what that looked like. I don’t even remember how my soul found social work but I knew it was the answer.

These days I dream about graduation, and not just my first social work job but my forever social work job, I dream of babies, and forever homes. And I know one day I will look back and have gratitude for all my dreams come true because I will always remember the times before dreams came true. Looking back and looking forward I realize that even in a dream you never know how good something can be until it is. I am grateful for what I have and all the things that still may come. I am grateful to live a life where dreams come true.

Before Dreams Came True


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