True Tea

tea and reflections

I am on day 7 of this diet and today I learned something interesting about tea. I drink a lot of tea, green mainly, but I do love white, herbal, and some reds. I would say black teas are usually my last choice so when I discovered black tea was not part of this diet I was not too upset. The thing is though, I have a cupboard full of tea in my kitchen and I was not exactly sure what was what, they are not all clearly labeled. Like is what is herbal tea exactly anyway? Is it black, green, white? Does it depend on the kind of herbal tea. Here is what I found, herbal tea is not actually tea at all. Oh the Scandal!

Apparently all tea comes from the exact same plant (definitely did not know that), the Camellia Sinensis tree. The delineation between different kinds of teas comes from how long they have been processed essentially. From what I understand black tea goes through a longer oxidation process, it is fermented longer I guess, which sets it apart from the lighter teas such as white and green. Not sure what makes red tea red, didn’t research it that hard.

From what I read herbal tea does not come from the Camellia Sinensis tree so it is not technically a tea, I read on one site that herbal tea is actually a tinase. Not quite sure what that means but one thing I do know is that I can drink it while I am on this diet which is fabulous! As I write this evening I am sipping one of my favorite herbals, lemon ginger.

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