Pains of the 4 Day Rotary Diet


I am on the diet where not only do you cut out all the carbs, sugar, and hapiness, any food you do look forward to eating has to be rotated every four days!

Let me break this down: If I eat a pear on Monday I cannot have a pear again until Friday. If I have greek yogurt on Wednesday it will be Sunday before I can eat it again.

In other words, I am in dieting hell! It’s not enough to remove chocolate and alcohol from my diet, you’ve got to mess with all the other food I eat as well.

When I first learned my allergist wanted me to do this diet to help with my allergies in lieu of 3 years of weekly allergy shots I was like, Yeah, no problem. Most of the things they wanted me to cut out of my diet I don’t eat anyway (with the exception of chocolate, black olives, and wine) so I didn’t think it would be much different from my normal habits and if avoiding chocolate and wine for 3 months means no more allergies than I am willing to give it a shot!

I had no idea what I signed up for. This is so much more complicated than I anticipated. I have to keep a daily log of every single thing I put in my mouth so I do not duplicate it within the four day window. I have to be so mindful of what I put in my mouth too. The only processed food on this diet is Boar’s Head deli meat. I cannot not have salad dressing, any meat I eat cannot be marinated.. This diet is “real food” only ( I am not into that term but that is how the office explains it).

This first week has not been too bad. Monday was the first day so it was a breeze, I could eat whatever I want. The rest of the week I spent planning out meals and making sure I did not duplicate anything. It is harder and more expensive than it sounds. For example, at the grocery we use some produce is not sold individually so I either more than I need (knowing some might go to waste) by purchasing a pack of something or I choose a different item. The thing is the more times I have to make the choice not to purchase something because I do not want to be wasteful the smaller my list of foods becomes. Another work around is I have started freezing meals so I can defrost them and have them four days later.

Dinners are not too mad but breakfast and lunch is tricky. I have been doing fruit, greek yogurt, home made chia seed pudding and cottage cheese so far but I have to come up with more options for breakfast. For lunch I have been making a simplistic vegetable soup or different variations of salad.

Another pain is that if I get myself mixed up and do not have enough options for a given day I have to go back to the store. This first week I have been to the store three times.

This is what the next three months will look like for me and I am not thrilled. The diet definitely impacts things other than just what  and how I eat, like my social life for example. Going out to dinner is going to be tricky and may not feel worth it. Going out for drinks with friends is going to be a bit of a bummer, although at least there is a definite DD. Even dinner in is tricky. This Saturday will be the first time we are having dinner with my family since I started the diet. I told my Mom that they did not need to make accommodations, I could bring my own food, but she was not having it. I appreciate her support but I wonder if she fully grasps how complicated this is.

The good news is I am already noticing a difference with my allergies and my cravings for chocolate have subsided. I really want this to work. I do not like the idea of a three year commitment to weekly shots. This diet is supposed to reset my system, I guess we will see come November.


Thanks for hanging in there while I whined about my first world problems!

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