One Step Then Another

today and tomorrow

This photo/quote is the literal inspiration for this post. It is no hidden matter that I am heavily focused on personal growth. I am mindful of my journey at large but in order for me to constantly be changing and evolving I have to  be mindful of my daily strides as well. Little acts add up to big changes.

Here is what I did today that is part of the metamorphosis in to my tomorrow self:

Cleaned out drawers. I went through my sock drawer and got rid of all socks without pairs and all pairs of socks that are run down and no longer useful. I rarely wear socks anyway so there is no reason for the socks I do own to take up so much room. I addressed that issue as well which freed up an entire drawer in the dresser.

While on my cleaning spree I cleaned out my toiletries including old lotions, other skin care products, and make up. No need for old unused items hanging around the bathroom taking up space. It feels good to declutter.

Today I also made time for a friend and met a new little life that was brought into the world earlier this summer.

I wrote on this blog which plays a big role in my growth because it is a place for me process and release anything that needs a voice.

A was mindful of my nutrition.

I took time for creativity.

And lastly time with family, which technically has not happened yet because Todd is still at work. When he gets home though we will walk Lucy, eat dinner together, talk about our respective days, and spend time in the evening together.

I liked this writing prompt because it is all about being mindful and having purpose and intention in action which is so easy to fall away from. Always happy for the reminder.


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