Spoiled with Love and Bounty


I cannot lie I am feeling completely spoiled today. If only ever Friday could be some version of this.

I woke up early with Todd and watched the news/cuddled/played and joked. I got up as he was leaving for work and walked into the living room to find my soul friend on the couch drinking coffee and reading. I got some aloe juice and plopped down on the love seat in the sun room to take in the morning and talk with our friend.

After a while of conversation we got up, got dressed, and headed off to one of the local vegan bakeries for donuts. We picked out one or two we were dying to try and then rounded off the box we were purchasing with a few for Todd and my other soul friend who will be joining us for dinner and games this evening.

We left the market/bakery and headed over to the garden district for brunch. I rarely eat brunch, I am not a big breakfast/brunch eater, but the time was right and there was a cafe that does quiche so we brunched!

After some quiche, coffee, and kombucha we headed home with our bakery treasures to enjoy the rest of our day. My friend has been doing her musical work in the office while I write and read out in the sun room, in the background we are serenaded by Tibetan singing bowls.

While we were out at the various stops I picked up all the local community papers. I love reading local community news. so and so won the science award at the local elementary.. kale is making a comeback!.. such and such cafe will be hosting a poetry reading Tuesday night.

So here I sit, my vegan pistachio and rose donut (which yet is a total cheat but oh so worth it!), a cold drink. writing, reading, taking in the day, and thinking about the fun times to come.

Tonight we are having a dinner for our friends and a game night. Tomorrow we leave with our friend for the beach. Sunday I am attending a work shop in town.. Life is busy in a very fulfilling way right now and I am grateful.

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