Goodbye Old Friend

I mentioned earlier this year that Todd and I were making some changes in our diet following an illness we both had during the holidays last year. What I did not mention is the medical aspect of this lifestyle change.

When we got back from Chicago at the beginning of the year we met with our PCP to go over our labs from our annual check up in December. They weren’t bad but we could be doing better and we knew it. On her advice we made some lifestyle changes. Along with this I went to a specialist for allergy issues who (after putting me through lots of testing) is creating a treatment plan that further cements our commitment to this lifestyle change.

I have mentioned in the past that my immune system is not the best and it lets me down often. This year has been different. By this time last year I had been sick like 3 or 4 times, this year not once. That is a huge improvement. I usually have sinus infections all through the spring and summer and then the flu in the fall and winter. So far so good and according to my doctors diet is a big part of this up swing in my immune system.

I have allergies that are effected by what I eat and since so much of our immune system resides in our gut by making appropriate changes I am helping my body take better care of itself.

Here is the downer.. I just found out that both chocolate and wine are on the No-No List. Friday nights are never going to look the same. There is nothing I love more than starting off the weekend with a piece of dark chocolate and a glass of pinot noir. Now this is not to say I can never have these things again (everything in moderation), but they are cut for the next 6 months as my doctors attempt to essentially put my body through detox. Eventually they will be introduced back in but from now on it will be in small doses, this will never be a weekly ritual again.

Today I was counting my gratitude for my life guides. The physicians monitoring and guiding me towards physical health and well being, my therapist monitoring and working with me towards spiritual and emotional health and well being, my mentors and loved ones supporting me and cheering me on along the way..

I already am a version of myself I could scarcely dream of, the fact that growth is still happening and knowing that as I walk this path things will only get better.. I cannot wait to meet the woman I am sure to be a year from now, and 2 years from now, and on and on..

None of this was easy, there are still hard roads to travel. But a strenuous journey feels manageable when you know you are not alone and the path is lit with light and love.


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