Summer Days

Today was a day off. Last night the group I was part of presented on feminist theory and knocked it out of the park. The night before we went over personality disorders in psychosocial pathology. Tomorrow and Friday I will spend a little time getting ahead on assignments so as not to be bogged down while our company is in town. But today was a day for me and it was nice.

I woke up, wrote for a while, had some tea, watched some news, did some yoga and get up at my leisure. Then I went and met up with my Mom and the big kids. We went swimming and spent the rest of the afternoon playing games. We played hide and seek, bingo, mother may I, and red light green light. It is always fun getting one on one time with them. When my mom and I were taking them home we took turns telling each other what animals and figures we saw in the clouds, one of my favorite games from childhood – Isaac had a little trouble with it because he is a bit more literal but it was still fun, he thought we were funny.

I drove home with the windows down and sunroof open listening to some of my favorite hits from the 90’s, DMB, Counting Crows, Sarah McLachlan.. For once the weather was temperate with a breeze, it had stormed early which brought down the heat a bit.

When I got home it was still pretty out so Lucy and I went on a long walk at the park. At one point we stopped to give her a break, she is easily overheated and I don’t like to push. I sat on a park bench and so she joined me. I really don’t think she knows she is not a people.

lucy people park bench

We stopped at the dock as we were walking home and saw a bale of turtles. I looked it up and apparently that is the collective noun for turtles. There were eight that we (I) counted, that is the most I have ever seen and the babies were adorable! Can’t wait to show Todd when he gets home. I hate that he missed this walk, it was a good one. Wednesday is flag football night at work though so we will show him later.

lucy turtle watching

I am really glad I decided to keep my schedule light this summer. I have not signed myself up for anything outside of school and it has been a welcome break. This is the first time I have really enjoyed a summer in years. It has given time for travel, beach day trips, pool days, evening walks, concerts, nights out with Todd and with the girls.. I know I will not always have this much free time in future summers, I am taking it in and enjoying every moment.


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