Close to Closure

my own book


I have written many reflective posts throughout the four years I have kept this blog. A year from now I will be finished with school which means I will be closing the very large chapter of my life that has made up my time as a student.

That is not true entirely I suppose. I will always be a student, informally speaking. I will always be learning, growing, challenging things, philosophizing..

When I started this blog grad school graduation felt very far away, like something that would happen some day but no day soon. That is no longer the case and I am starting to come to terms with what that means. Lately I have been thinking about what that means in terms of this blog I have come to love so dear.

I have decided that when I am done with school this blog will be done as well. I started it with a purpose and its purpose will have been served at that point. This blog has come to mean much more than its original intended purpose but that is life, you plan for one thing and you always get more – for better or worse.

As I consider what next year will look like for me I also consider, somewhere in the back of my mind, what I will do once this blog has seen its last post. Two things come to mind.

One: I will start a new blog or journal. I have always been a writer. My need to write will not go away so I will find a way to quench that thirst. The details will be determined at a later date and shared.

Two: I will make a book. There are websites online that can be used to create a hard copy of your blog. I have decided that feels like the exact right thing to do when this blog has seen its final post.

I don’t intend to have much of an online presence after graduation so as to protect mine and my family’s privacy once I am a practicing social worker. As this blog has never been completely anonymous I think having a hard copy in lieu of leaving up the website feels better to me.

I also like the idea of having something physical I can hold to show for all the hours I have put into this blog. So much of my life lives on its pages, I look forward to being able to touch and turn those pages when I want to relive moments from this time in my life.

I have never made a book before, not even one on Shutterfly. I have no idea how much of a process this will be but I think I will be grateful for the finished product.

It feels funny acknowledging that these days as a student that felt as if they would go on forever are in fact numbered and few at this point. There is not much left, just a few months, so I will do my best to be present, grateful, learn, grow, and write as often as possible.



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