This made me laugh because that was totally me as a kid. I used to sneak into my brother’s room when he was playing outside and play with his G.I. Joes and Lincoln Logs and then have to dart if I heard him come in the front door. I definitely got pounded a few times for snooping around in his room growing up.

So when Todd and I were having drinks with our friend over the weekend at one point we were talking babies, and family, and siblings. Todd and I are on the fence about how many children to have. I am thinking I could be pretty content with one, a happy little family of three with a dog. We go back and forth though, we have definitely talked about two for quite sometime as well. Todd and I were both one of two, we both have an older brother making us both the youngest. We both have good relationships with our siblings  but I don’t think it is that ideal of “my sibling is my best friend” for either of us.

My friend was one of four. When I was growing up I wanted one more sibling. I had this grand idea that if there was one more of us, preferably a girl, she and I would be best friends and she would always be on my side when my brother and I would fight.. Which was all. the. time.

So I asked her if it was like that for her growing up, would two of you gang up on another one etc.. She explained how having siblings is a built in friend for life. Relationships come and go but here is this person who has known you your entire life and they will always be there. Really good point.

My absolute favorite part of the entire conversation though was when I asked what was the most difficult part of being one of four. Without skipping a beat she said, “never being able to find matching socks”. I laughed so hard. I suddenly imagined her as a child sitting on the floor in front of a laundry basket rushing to get ready for church and not being able to find socks.

I didn’t say this to her but having fewer siblings may not have made a difference in this department. My Mom put zero effort into organizing socks when we were growing up. Socks were washed and then kept in a laundry basket where we could go dig for pairs. This might explain why I opted to go barefoot as often as possible.

Ultimately we will have as many children as we are meant to have. There is a level of planning involved and level of fate. There does seem to be so much societal pressure to have multiple children though and stigma involved in only having one. Societal norms will certainly not a play a role in our final decision, it is a lot to think about though.


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