The Music My Parents Gave Me

Music my parents gave me

I have my mother’s nose, my father’s teeth and toes, I get my coloring and blond locks from my Papa who also shared with me his crystal blue eyes. One of my favorite hand me downs though is my taste in music. While it has been influenced by friends and romantic partners over the years, I have my parents to thank for my initial introduction into what I now consider “good music”.

I was thinking about this over the weekend. We were at my parents house playing cards and drinking with them and my aunt and uncle. Early in the evening my mom asked that I put on Pandora with no mention of a specific station. As I was perusing her selection I landed on Creedence Clearwater Rival, a favorite of Todd’s, passed down by his parents. I realized real quick that station wasn’t going to work for me so I switched it over to Annie Lennox much to Todd’s chagrin. As I listened to familiar songs from my childhood, often signing along with my mother, I thought about how great an influence my parents both had on my musical taste.

So much of what I love, like really deeply love, was theirs first. In a way this music was a gift from my parents that I get to keep even long after their gone.

Together they gave me A-Ha, Tears for Fears, The Beach Boys, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, K.D. Lang, Natalie Merchant, Melissa Ethridge, Annie Lennox, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Willie Nelson,The Beatles, the Out of Africa soundtrack, The Mamas and The Papas, The Zombies, Fleetwood Mac and one of my all time favorites, Simon and Garfunkel.

It is a small thing but the music you listen to at different stages of your life becomes embedded in you forever. My mother listened to strong female artists with powerful messages and folk singers singing about love and peace. My dad listened to old crooners and upbeat 80’s music.

I think, even if just on some small level, this music influenced me. I hope my someday children have as much love for Todd and I’s music especially knowing that some of it will be music we pass down to them from our parents.


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