How Lucky are We Few Who Grow Up to Chase our Dreams

This weekend Todd and I went to dinner and then met one of favorites my for drinks at a local bar. My friend is leaving tomorrow for Japan and I am so excited for her. I have never traveled abroad but I just feel certain in my soul that you cannot visit another culture and not be changed by it in some way. I cannot wait to see who she comes back as.

We spent the evening underneath the soft glow of twinkle lights sitting on antique and imported furniture talking about life, human nature, and what our city has been through. It was a good night and I was grateful for her company.

Saturday Todd and I got up early and walked into town. He needed a haircut and there is a new juice shop we have been dying to try. He got an almond concoction that was surprising delicious, I got a cold pressed juice that was chocked full of delicious fruits and veggies like cucumber and apple to name a few.

We sat in the shop for a few minutes talking with the people behind the counter. They let us try a shot that contained turmeric, lemon, and I forget what else. It was bright yellow and about knocked us over. It was potent. One would never need coffee in the morning if they had this stuff around. It was good though.

While we walked home from town we passed by the park next to our home and stopped at a bench under one of the laurel oaks for a while. We talked about the next few years and day dreamed together. I think this time next year will mark a big transition time in our lives together. We sat in the shade holding hands, looking out over the pond, and I thought to myself, “this moment is my dreams coming true”.

He is everything, our life is everything, my friends, my family, my education, this life.. is everything. I am so grateful.

Sunday evening we went to the vigil downtown. We arrived early and sat in the grass watching everyone else arrive. The sense of connectedness was palpable. It felt like the night we went to Bernie Fest times 100. Flowers were passed out, there were rainbow flags, and rainbow everything for that matter. Right before the vigil started they played Imagine by John Lennon over the speakers in the park. That was all it took, the tears started welling up in my eyes. As an idealist that song is like my anthem.

The vigil was beautiful. Todd and I did not even realize how many people were there until we were trying to leave. We were so close to the stage we had no concept of what was going on behind us.There were 50,000 people present according to the news and I believe them. It was outstanding.

As we sat there next to the lake waiting for the vigil to start, listening to John Lennon, all I could think is every single person taken from us had dreams just like Todd and I. They had a vision for their future. How lucky are we who get the chance in life to chase after our dreams. How lucky are we few who get to see our dreams come to fruition. My heart is still heavy but I have gratitude for this life and for dreams come true.



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