Our Neurotic House Guest

Oh my stars give me patience and compassion!

My family is taking a weekend trip so Todd and I opened our home to my parent’s adorable pug. She is small with a curly tail and she snorts – A LOT. She is about as cute as a dog could be AND she is one of the most high strung dogs I have ever met.

The last time she stayed with us I had plans for a girls night out that I ended up changing to a girls night in just so Todd wouldn’t have to spend multiple hours alone with her. She is too much. Small doses are better.

She has been here all of twenty minutes and she has spent the entire time snorting around in every nook and cranny of my house looking for dust bunnies to eat. For the last few minutes she has been hacking on the most recent one she consumed.

She does not let you know when she needs to go out, instead she will just poop on a rug.

She gets into everything which means the house has to be on lock down when she is here. She is the dog that would come strolling out of the bedroom with dirty underwear around her neck in front of company. She is shameless.

I love this dog though. She is all of the things above and she is affectionate, funny, playful, and super agreeable.

I know her being here will change the dynamics in the house for a few days but I would always rather her be here than anywhere else when her family is away.



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