Music Under the Stars

under the stars

Summer started with a bang. One week between the BSW program and the  MSW program resulted in me hitting the ground running, or maybe more accurately I never stopped running. Either way I am excited that now a few weeks in I have started to find a pace that seems to work.

I am not volunteering this summer which was not an easy decision for me to make. I know Hospice has needs and I miss not only the people but the work itself. Knowing that I only have a few months before my clinical internship starts though I decided I really needed to set sometime aside for me. This semester is already busy because I am taking an extra class, I need time to just be in order to feel ready for what comes next.

So between the reading, and writing, and studying, and actual face-time in class, I have widdled out some time for things that are just for fun.

I have sectioned off time during the week for creative time, be it writing or art, reading or anything else. It is free time for whatever feels good in that moment.

Todd and I have also planned some adventures. One will be with friends. As I mentioned in a previous post one of his best girlfriends is coming down for a visit and we are both excited about that. I know we will go to the beach for a few days while she is here, everything else will be a fun surprise. I can’t wait to see what new recipes she brings with her. One of the first things she usually does is hit up the whole foods store and then she precedes to make all kinds of interesting creations that are far above my level of creativity in the kitchen.

His parents have also said they might visit which would definitely include another beach trip. That one is still up in the air but I hope they lean towards Yes.

We just had Maddie stay with us for her summer sleepover wherein we took her to a farm. It was super fun but that is a post for another day. Isaac’s sleepover is in a few weeks and we are looking forward to having time with him as well.

The big one as far as planned adventures go will come at the end of the summer. Over the weekend we bought tickets for a concert that will be near one of the beaches south from us. I am so excited. It is a band we both have been listening to since middle school but have never seen together. We will sit on blankets under the stars, listen to a great band, then get up the next day and spend the day at the beach. I have done all this before with my girlfriends when I was single, I am glad to have this experience now with him.

The last trip comes right at the end of the semester which I think will be a welcome break before the next semester starts and life really speeds up.

I am grateful for family, friends, a partner to experience life with, the ability to travel, and quiet time for reflection.


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