Evening Breezes

summer breeze

Todd and I walk Lucy in the evening, it is something all three of us look forward to. This week has been exciting, to me at least, because there are baby toads at the pond we walk by. There are so many and they are about the size of fruit flies, it is so cute! I have always loved toads, and lizards, and frogs.

Everything feels so alive right now. As we speak I am watching a beautiful male cardinal hop around in the backyard. There have been butterflies fluttering around my herb garden, fish jumping in the pond near our home. Everything is active right now.

The evenings have been so pretty for so long. The breezes have been getting warmer as spring turns into summer but it still feels good to be outside at sunset.

Last night when Todd and I were walking I told him about how summer evening breezes remind me of To Kill A Mockingbird, one of my favorite books. Warm evening breezes make me think of Jem and Scout playing in the street near Boo Radley’s house, or getting into any other kind of mischief. We talked about being kids and playing outside during the summer. I spent all my time outdoors in the summer. We lived down a dirt road surrounded by oak trees, fruit trees, and fields filled with wild flowers. When the sun started to set I knew I had about a half hour before my mom would call me in for the night. I had a half hour to finally climb to the top of a tree, or pick a few more flowers, or snatch my last tangerine for the day.

Summer breezes make me think of childhood. When you are a kid that spends all your time in the trees and fields an extra hour of daylight in the summer is everything. I still feel that way. I love that now when Todd gets home we still have some day light left to take our walks. Last night we even ran through some sprinklers with Lucy on our way home. That extra hour in summer is still everything.

I love it.


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