Getting by Without a Mirror

friend in the mirror

I read something today and it was exactly what the grounding I needed.

One who has a true friend has no need of a mirror.

Sometimes I feel off. Sometimes a little more out than in. Sometimes I feel a little lost looking in the mirror.

When I feel this way I focus on what I need to do to help myself feel more grounded. Certain smells help so I set up some oils, sometimes music, sometimes art, sometimes a conversation, or a walk in nature, sometimes meditation.. What I need may look different depending on what led me to feel this way to begin with.

Today was one of those days. I did what I needed to do for myself and even asked for help, which is something I am not always willing to do but I know can make a big difference. Todd and I talked a lot today and even though the talks were deep and philosophical it actually helped me feel tethered down.

When I read this quote this evening it spoke to me. Sometimes I feel lost but there are people I love, my favorites, that help. When I feel lost I find pieces of myself in them or am able to find myself by seeing myself how they see me.

I don’t know if everyone experiences the people they love this way but I do and I am grateful. I felt lost today and through one of the conversations I had with Todd I found myself. We were talking about judgement, social constructs, and societal norms. I was expressing my thoughts, he his, and at one point he said something about agreeing with everything I said and that it was idealistic. There I am. Right there. All day long I felt foggy but in that statement I found myself. The second he said it I felt a little less lost because for a moment I was able to see me the way he sees me. What I had said was idealistic but that is me and that is how I experience the world. I know that about myself and he reminded me of one of my truths by making the observation he did.

The quote above also made me think again about how important the people we surround ourselves with are. The people we love and hold close reflect back pieces of ourselves to us. I am thankful for those I hold close, I am thankful for the love they show me, they show me how easy I am to love and sometimes I need the reminder.

I am grateful.


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