You Better Have Your Advnture Pants On!

il adventure5

Sunday night Todd and I arrived home from IL. It was a fun weekend spent with family and friends. All his friends from high school and many from college were in town for his friend’s wedding so there was lots of time for games, drinks, and all sorts of other shenanigans. In this midst of all the revelry Todd and I found time for ourselves, that is what this post is about. The whole weekend was fun but my favorite part was our adventure in the woods.

It feels like the sun rises especially early in IL. I woke up at 6am Friday morning and thought it was 10. I made Todd check and recheck the clock on his phone because I was sure he had told me the time wrong. Every day we were there I woke up with the sun at 6am, it was a bit disorienting. It did allow us to get a head start on the day though. We went down stairs, spent some time talking with friends and then changed and headed out.

Friday we were revisiting my favorite IL stat park, favorite of the ones I have been to at least. I like the trail because it is natural, appearing completely untouched by man. The last time we hiked in this park it was winter and the river was frozen, IL has been having a mild spring so I was not sure what to expect. The river was most certainly alive and well when we got there. Everything was green and beautiful, I was so excited! Todd did not exactly share my enthusiasm at first.

We walked down to where the hike normally starts and realized where we needed to go was under water. There is another hiking option at a higher point away from the water but you miss a lot of the view and experience. Todd was opting for the dryer option but I was not easily deterred. I rolled up my pant legs, took off my shoes and started crossing the river. Once Todd realized that it wasn’t that cold I was able to convince him to do the same. We had so much fun. It was muddy, and wet, and more than once I came close to falling in completely while trying to balance on rocks in the middle of the river. It was my favorite kind of adventure though, just me and him and nature. Rarely did we see another person.

il adventure6

I think he was questioning things still at this point.

il adventure4

A lot of the areas we had to cross were like this and if we were lucky we might have a few rocks to jump across, many times we were just wading.

il adventure1

After we got across the first area successfully it was all down hill.

il adventure2il adventure


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