On to the Next Thing


I finished up my application for my next field placement yesterday. Grad school started Monday and I almost can’t believe it. I am a grad student. In one year I will have my MSW. This is feeling pretty surreal.

I am curious to see where I will land for this internship. A few agencies have expressed an interest in me but I don’t want to try to control this experience so I am going to wait and speak with the professor in charge of placement and see what she thinks. I just want this experience to be whatever is supposed to be and I want it to teach me whatever I am supposed to learn.

I am really excited about my classes so far. On break last night I was sitting near a window watching the rain when a classmate came up and started talking with me. She is someone I had not met before, we have two classes together this semester. She was telling me about her social work journey. She told me how she was almost a psych major for undergrad but felt like a psych degree wasn’t worth anything anymore because it is so popular, personally for social work I think it is probably a good foundation but I understood what she meant. It sounds like maybe it took her some time to figure things out for herself, I can identify with that. It seems like there are many more people my own age or older in grad school and that feels good. It is nice to know I am not the only one who needed some time.

I like both of my instructors and I think the subjects are going to be really interesting. Today Todd and I have to go online and order me a copy of the DSM V, that makes me feel pretty official I have to say.

I know there is a lot to learn, I am open and ready.


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