Traveling by Land, by Air, and by Book

my travels in books

Last year was a year of travel and adventure in many forms. We spent time in nature through beach trips and mountain vacations, we had a second honeymoon, we had date nights almost every weekend, we hiked, we swam, we did theme parks.. It was a year of experiences and I am glad I will always have these great memories from my first year of marriage.

This year is a bit different. Last year was an ideal, not every year is going to allow for that much travel and outings over all. This year I will spend almost the entire year split between full-time classes and full-time internship. The balance has been trickier. Less free time during the week means more assignments being worked on over the weekend, which of course results in less free time on the whole.

I am not one to be discouraged though. We will take our trips where we can, and make time for little adventures.

As an introverted creative type a big piece of my balance in life and attention to self-care comes from quiet time allowing my mind and spirit to wander freely. During the week when there is little time for big adventures I take small ones in the books I read. Over the course of last semester I read quite a bit and I plan to read even more this summer, as time allows of course. Yesterday I picked up The Alchemist (really excited about that one), and my intern supervisor got me Being Mortal as a thank you gift. That is where I will start. When you stuck in one place a book alleviates that feeling of stuckness and makes life feel more bearable in my experience.

There is a little travel planned for this year though. Today we leave for IL and will stay for a long weekend. This summer we will have beloved friends staying with us and then we will all stay at the beach together. We are also squeaking in a quicky trip to Silver Springs for a wedding.

Next year after graduating with my MSW we are planning a big trip to the mountains in the fall, it is nice to have something to look forward to.

I am certainly grateful good books, art supplies, and the ability to travel.. It all adds color and beauty to life.


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