Recipe for the Perfect Kid

I read this article earlier today and thought it sounded about right. Todd and I have talked before about the “parenting style” thing and agree that we are not into the idea that there is one right way to raise children. Also, we agree that committing to a certain “style” feels not only limiting but like a lot of undue pressure. I think being a parent comes with enough pressure, why add on?

I’d be willing to bet that all of these different styles have strengths and limitations and the whole thing seems much more subjective than maybe people want to believe. I am not sure that I believe there is one full-proof, objective, right way to do this. Parenting, caring for another human life, is not baking. There is not perfect recipe where if you follow each step precisely you are guaranteed the perfect kid. In that same breath making a mistake as a parent does not ultimately guarantee your child will grow up to be a sub par human being (if there even is such a thing), like a souffle that did not rise.

Clearly there are extremes that I am not accounting for, abuse, trauma, neglect.. This will all have an enormous impact on development but I am not talking in extremes for the point I am trying to make. I am simply saying parenting, like most things in life, exists in a gray area where there is no one right or wrong, good or bad, in terms of these different styles some of us seem to get caught up in.




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