Safe to be Loved

Todd and I attended a wedding for a friend this weekend. I have had a few opportunities to celebrate her recently and I am so honored. Life accomplishments are so exciting but when you are coming from a place where maybe you thought for a while some of these things were out of reach.. it is more than exciting. It is special, special in a way that few understand.

She has celebrated me during my recent life events, marriage, buying a home, acceptance to grad school.. I am glad to be a part of her special moments now. At her reception her mother gave a speech that left few with a dry eye, especially those of us who know my friend’s story. During her speech she thanked her new son-in-law for making my friend feel safe to accept love. It was so beautiful, their love is so beautiful, I am so happy for her.

I too am grateful to have found someone who made it feel safe for me to accept love. I am grateful for all the people in my life who have made me feel safe to accept love.

todd n me

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