Drawing with all my girls

Saturday night Todd and I were outside playing the kids, he was playing basketball with Isaac, Maddie and I were drawing on the front porch with chalk. The rest of the family came out with the babies, who are now roughly a year and three months. Cassie has started walking and Emma does a crab walk of sorts but is soon to follow in her sister foot steps, literally. So the girls toddled out to see what Maddie and I were doing. I handed a piece of chalk to Cas, closely watching to make sure it didn’t end up in her mouth, I took her hand and showed her how the chalk could make marks on the ground. From there she started scraping it against the ground drawing. Then Emma came over plopped down and followed suit.

There we were, me and my three girls drawing on the front porch. Mom and Kris were snapping pictures and I just sat there thinking, this is the very first time I am drawing with the babies. Maddie and I draw together all the time, it is one of our special things, but I don’t remember the first time we did, this was sweet.

By the time we were done all three girls were covered in a rainbow of color. I helped bathe and dress the babies then sat with Maddie while she took her bath. We talked about what she is doing in school, she showed me how she can count by 5’s and 10’s, we counted together. She told me that when Uncle Todd and I have babies she hopes we have girls and that we should name them Rosie and Flowery Elsa. She said if we have a boy we could name him Snowflake Jr (Snowflake is her elf on the shelf). Then we talked about our summer sleep over and all the fun things she wants to do.

After I washed her hair, brushed it, and got her in her jammies we built a fort out of sheets and sat in it with all her stuffed animals talking more about her plans for our summer sleepover. Isaac joined us and built legos while we all talked.

I love all the one on on time I get with the kids. I know at some point they will have other things they want to do than play with Auntie so I want to soak it all up while I have it. Life is really busy right now and there are always things going on, I am so grateful for all these little moments with them. Watching the babies draw, talking with Maddie, brushing her hair, sitting in a sheet fort with the kids, really grateful for it all.



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