Learning so Much

This week was full of firsts at my internship, it was a long week but I learned a lot. I made my first DCF call this week. I wasn’t that intimidated by it, I was excited that my supervisor was letting me call while she stood by in case I needed her. When the person taking my information actually answered it hit me though. Suddenly I was very aware of every word coming out of my mouth, I wanted to make sure I was very clear and objective in what I was reporting. I did end up having my supervisor step in and help just to make sure nothing was left out. Overall that was a great first experience for me. Not great that I had to make the call, I never want to have to call, but it was not as scary as I thought.

This week I also shadowed in the hospital. I was in the E.D. and at mother-baby. I again learned so much. This was my very first hands on experience with hospital social work and while I liked the work we were doing on the whole I would say that based solely on this experience I do not know that hospital social work is for me. I know this is a very limited view of the work though. I did get to assist with two clients which was nice. I learned about a lot of resources that were new to me (a big one was inpatient facility that treat addiction, eating disorders etc). I also learned a lot about the challenges that come with working on the mother-baby floor. There are a lot more dcf calls than I realized for one. This is another area I do not think I could work long term, I think my boundaries would be awful, I would want to take all the babies home with me. I am half joking when I say that but I do think it would be really hard and would take a big emotional toll.

I am really grateful my supervisor allows me to go on these field trips. I am learning so much this semester and really building my confidence.

In other social work news, I attended the mock site visit this week with five other students. We had, what felt like, a really productive meeting. At one point the mock auditor asked us about the work the program has allowed us to do outside of the classroom and one of the students looked to me and said I should be the one to speak to this (knowing how involved I have been in the community). As I explained the different opportunity for engagement the program has provided me it really gave me a chance to reflect on the impact I have had. I am so thankful for that as well. I have made some really meaningful connections and been able to do work that I feel good about. Tomorrow my girlfriend from school and I are going back to the free community clinic our class supported last summer to drop off contraception, talk about sex, and help connect the clinic with resources for long term support. This would not be happening without this program.

Tomorrow is a day off for me. I am excited for little things like checking in with the community clinic, having a chance to get ahead on school work, painting my nails, and maybe even watching a documentary. A bath, a long hot bath, that sounds so nice. It i the little things. Hell maybe I will really get wild and paint, I have a canvas that has been calling my name for weeks.



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