Someone said something to me today that made me reflect on how I spent my weekend and who I spent it with.

“Have you ever experienced that feeling when you see someone across a room and you feel pulled towards them, like you know you need to speak with them”..

I thought about it, I definitely know that feeling, many times over in fact.

This weekend Todd and I attended a charity event in support of a friend, who is a survivor, and was speaking at the event. She is one example of this phenomenon in my life. The universe put us in each other’s paths many years ago, our energies were drawn towards each other. I was overcome with light and love listening to her share some of her experience this weekend. I know she was nervous, she was amazing though and I am sure I am not the only one that felt touched by her.

My heart was so open after starting the day on such a beautiful note that I was open to receive a new energy later that day. Todd and I attended the Bernie Music Festival and I personally felt very connected to the sense of community at this event. When we arrived we found a table outside where the first band was setting up. There were vendors set up around us, it felt like Lollapalooza on a much smaller scale and with a stronger sense of connectedness.

There was a woman sitting alone at the table next to us, not long after sitting down she turned and started speaking with us. We spoke for well over an hour. This event created a space where I think people felt safe to have a dialogue about issues that are important to them without fear of backlash. It was really nice. She is a law professor, we made a fast connection and exchanged information to keep in touch. How often does that happen in life that you can walk into a space filled with strangers and so easily make a meaningful connection?

After the event we got back to the car where I had left my phone and I found that I had a missed text from one of my favorites. We met her an hour later and had a great time with her and a few of her friends. I danced all night, I was pure joy.

This morning I woke up gradually and sipped on iced coffee while I got ready for a workshop I was attending in the afternoon. I spent the afternoon painting, writing, meditating, and discussing love and acceptance with other women. Again my heart felt open. Sharing this space of vulnerability, creativity, and love with others was a wonderful way to close what was a very special weekend.

I spent my time supporting those I love, allowing others to support me, dancing, talking, hugging, laughing, writing, painting, in quiet reflection, and cloaked in love.




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