Social Work Month

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Is it just me or is March an outrageously busy month? Between social events, spring break (that has been relevant in prior years, this year not so much), Easter, classes, and this year my internship.. It feels like this month is an explosion of activity.

On top of all of this March is social work month. I think this is the first year I have actually gone out of my way to recognize that, years prior it seems to get lost in everything else that happens in March.

This year since I am internship though there is more of a reminder. So here are some social work related things going on with me this month:

This year our program is going through the re-accredidation process and our program head reached out to me and some other students to ask if we would be the student representatives who meet with individuals from the organization who we be on campus to do this. Luckily I was somehow able to fit this into my schedule so this will be taking place over the course of the next month starting next Tuesday. I do not know what to expect but that is the point of next Tuesday’s meeting, it is a training (of sorts) and kind of a simulation to prepare us.

In April I will be co-facilitating a group at the bereavement day camp for kids I volunteer with twice a year. November was my last camp and it went really well. This will be my third time co-facilitating with an LCSW and I have been assigned to the same age group from last time, I am really looking forward to it.

There is a lot I could say about what I am doing in field right now. The most exciting, out the norm, thing coming up is that I will be shadowing an MSW at the hospital next week who works in maternity, they call it mother-baby. That is a far cry from the work I do on the end-of-life side of the spectrum. I am really looking forward to it. That will be a very new experience for me, I am sure it will be eye opening.

While I have been in field this semester I have still had opportunity to stay connected with the community outside of my internship (I really don’t know how time has allowed for it). Last month I helped coordinate a contraception drop off at a local health clinic that supports an area high school that I worked with last summer. I have also continued to be involved with hospice, however less active because of time constraints. Next month is our semi-annual memorial service for all the patients who passed on our services in the last 6 months. I participated last fall and it was very meaningful. I have also had the opportunity to stay in touch with my friends at hospice through referrals I have made for clients, and friends unfortunately, this semester.

So those are all my relevant updates for the social work stuff I am involved in during our special month. In closing I want to share an article I read this morning. One big take away I had is how we may be don’t do enough to promote ourselves and our profession. We need to be talking about what we do and why it is important.
Self-promotion is not really a social work value but advocacy is and this article does a great job of highlighting how important our role in society is.

Social Work has Become the 21st Century Law Degree


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