Politicians in FL before the Primary


Last weekend turned out to be really fun. Todd and I went to his work banquet Saturday night, so glad I found the dress I did, I fit right in without standing out (which was the goal). It was by far the most formal event I have attended as an adult, weddings included. It fell like a super swanky adult prom, and there I was just trying not to spill food on my gown. It worked out fine.

Saturday was also the Trump protest on campus and from what I hear it went well also. It sounds like it was mostly peaceful, glad to hear that.

Technically this week is spring break although I am in internship all week so it doesn’t really feel like it. Today was my day off so I cleaned, ran errands, and met a girlfriend from school for lunch downtown at one of the vegan cafes. We talked internship experiences, graduation, grad school (we are both accepted), and her birthday which is around the corner. It was a blast. After lunch I had to run an errand downtown before returning home and while I was out she texted me. Apparently Bernie is going to be local for a rally on Thursday! She can’t go but knew I would be interested, so glad she shared that with me! I already rsvp’d, now I just need to talk to Todd and see if he can get off.

This Saturday is the Bernie Music Fest in the Milk District which Todd and I have been really looking forward to, it would be so great to attend an actual rally though if we can make it work with our schedules.


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