A Matter of Life and Death

I was listening to NPR on my way in this morning and they were speaking to this documentary film maker about her most recent documentary. The documentary is about a woman in Pakistan who defied her father’s wishes and eloped, a familial crime that is apparently punishable by death. After her wedding her father and uncle found her, shot her, and threw her body in a river as a message to her sisters and other women in their village about what happens when you disobey the men. To the shock of many she survived this attack, was able to get help, and upon recovery file a police report that led to the arrest of her father and uncle.

The story was horrifying but unfortunately not shocking. A while back I watched a documentary called It’s a Girl that discusses how some cultures do not value female life. It covered infanticide and how some cultures view females as a burden on the family. Females are seen as objects that the male heads of the family own and can use as a way to achieve financial gain.

When I got into the office my supervisor and I talked about it at length while we walked over to the cafeteria, she had been listening on her drive in as well. I am really looking forward to watching the documentary in its entirety.





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