Calamity Jill Breaks the Cardinal Rule of Internship

calamity jill

When I was at orientation for field at the beginning of the semester the faculty running orientation said something that made me snicker because I thought it was kind of ridiculous.

She was going over some Do’s and Don’ts of professionalism while in the field. One of the items was Do NOT take off your shoes. Are we kidding? That should go without saying right? Well as I sat in my office this morning with my shoe off I thought about that lecture.

I wear flats most days at my internship because I am on my feet quite a bit and need to be able to get around, I am not skilled enough to make this happen in heels. The flats I wore today have a pretty detail on them, it is a bow with a gem stone that covers the entire toe area.

I was about 15 minutes into my morning. I was in the process of putting down my tea cup and pulling up my email when I snagged my foot on my bag under the desk. That was all it took to rip the bow detail right off of my shoe. Crap. Figures. This was not something I was going to be able to play off but I did not have time to run home and change shoes, my first patient was already in the building. Time to problem solve and fast! I ended up taking off the shoe and using tape and staples to secure the bow back on to the shoe. It was functional for the time being although when I walked you could hear the tape squeaking around under the bow as it tried desperately to hold it on.

During lunch I thought I would have time to run to a store real quick and purchase some inexpensive flats to get me through the home visit we had scheduled for the afternoon, but no such luck. About 15 minutes into my lunch break (when I was half way to the nearest Target) my supervisor texted me to let me know we added another home visit for the afternoon which meant we would be starting sooner. I had to turn around, go back, and make my shoes work for the rest of the day. What’s worse is because I was trying to cram so much into my lunch break (including eat my falafel pita while driving) I ended up dropping tomato all over myself. My shirt and pants were covered in tomato juice, gross. I am sure this is not what my orientation instructor had in mind when she was outlining the keys to professionalism in field.

When I made it back to the office I scurried upstairs, refreshed the tape on my bow hoping it would hold through all the walking I would be doing, and scooted out the door again for home visits, tomato stains and all!

When I got home from work I immediately started studying for my midterm tomorrow only breaking long enough to tell Todd my story of disaster when he called after work. When Todd got home he had a wonderful surprise for me, coconut milk ice cream. He said it sounded like I could use it after the day I had. He’s a pretty alright guy, I’ve gotta say.

Another pretty alright thing Todd did this weekend was pay 25.00 for a practically new glider our neighbor was getting rid of. We walked up to the vegan tea shop at the top of our street with Lucy for lunch and on the way back we saw this nice glider. After talking with the owner we agreed to pay her 25.00 and came back with the SUV to bring it home. This is something we would be getting in the next few years anyway for a nursery and we knew it would be hard to beat that price. I set it up in the sun room and have been drinking my morning tea in it since we brought it home.

So yeah, today was a bit of a mess in terms of cleanliness and neatness of attire but none of it seems to matter when I am sitting in my hub’s lap in a glider eating coconut ice cream.



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