Busy Calendar

Last week my internship supervisor and I went to a training with another social work intern from UCF. It was put on by compass research and was very informative. The venue was great  too. There was an enormous resource library so after the event myself and the other intern gathered some resources.

Today the other intern and I went to a local agency that serves caregivers and learned more about their programs as well as other area resources. Again, great learning and networking opportunity. This is definitely an agency I would refer a client to. I was really impressed.

Todd ordered me some new books last week that came in today, can’t wait to start reading the first one tonight. Haven’t had a book to read since I finished my last one last week.

This weekend is the kid’s opening day for little league so tomorrow we will attend their games and after there are a few open houses we want to hit. We are talking more and more about our next home as I get closer to being done with school. The open houses are a fun way to check out floor plans and features that we may like for our forever home. College Park seems to be booming right now with new builds, we were talking about it the other week. We agreed it reminds us both of what happened before with the bubble before the economy crashed. I guess we will see what happens in the next few years.

Next weekend is Todd’s fancy banquet for work, super excited about that. The following weekend Todd and I will be attending the NEDA walk, one of my girlfriends will be sharing her story so he and I joined her team. After there is a “Bernie Music Festival” downtown. We have no clue what to expect but it should be fun.

There is also a women in the arts type event at the local art museum next week on Women’s Day that I am hoping to attend with one of my favorites. (AJR if you are reading this let me know if you want to go, I sent you the link on FB.)

So that is my current daily goings ons. The internship is phenominal, I am loving every second of it. Graduation is getting closer by the second, can hardly wait.


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