Policy Summit and Second Honeymoon in D.C.

dc nasw

In November Todd and I went back to D.C.. Part of the social work health care scholarship program I am in was a trip to D.C. for a day of advocacy as well as a networking event and panel discussion surrounding social work’s role in health care on  a macro level. It was outstanding.

I went with three other women from my program who are also scholarship recipients. The first night Todd and I went to dinner with my colleague in the BSW program. She and I had research class together and worked on literature review on the topic of physician assisted death.

The first day was the networking day at the national NASW headquarters. I ended up at a table with three other women, one from Louisiana, one from Colorado, and one from Illinois (I think). It was so interesting to hear how the laws in each of their states impact the work they do in the field. Something else that was pretty awesome about my table, all three were feminists. The woman I met from Louisiana I liked so much that I reinstated my FB account just so I could remain in regular contact with her. She is amazing.  I am in awe of the work she is doing. It was also really interesting to hear what each of their universities offered in terms of their social work curriculum. After the first day I met back up with my school colleagues and we worked together back to the hotel while we shared our experiences from the day.

The panel discussion was great as well. I have a decent undertaking of some of the roles social work plays in health care on a micro level but hearing from macro health care social workers was really interesting.

The second day we walked what felt like a million blocks (thank god for stylish flats) to the capitol to for a day of advocacy. The four of us met with our representative and discussed some bills. It went well and he was in support of our efforts.

Over all it was an exciting time, I felt super fortunate.

After my official business was finalized Todd and I spent a few extra days to celebrate our anniversary and have a second honeymoon. We revisited our favorite cafe, as well as some of the bookstores we fell in love with the year prior. We also visited some new places like Adams Morgan which is apparently a big party scene in D.C.. How did we miss this the first time around? We went to Madams Organ for drinks and I heard a karaoke cover of Drake’s Hotline Bling that was so good it gave me chills. This girl had an Erykah Badu quality to her voice, the way she sang the song was so intense it was painful, in a good way. I didn’t care much about that song before D.C. but now whenever I hear it I think of her and how stunning her version was.

dc madams organ.jpg

Anyway, hugely side tracked by that, so we did dinners and lots of walking. One of the highlights for me was the Blind Whino. Apparently there are quite a few abandoned (I don’t know if that is totally accurate to say abandoned honestly) churches in D.C. and the city’s way of addressing that is to re-purpose the buildings. This one became a nonprofit art club. It is even more incredible in person. I once read a quote that athiests love churches for the architecture.. First of all, Yes. And I feel like this stunning specimen speak s to that. While we were at Madams Organ we were on the roof and across the street was another stunning church under construction. When we asked the bartender about it she said they were turning it into a hotel. We thought that was kinda cool too.

dc blind whino

My thoughts were in a society of athiests is that what would become of these structures? Maybe. But I like the idea of taking a building that offered a sense of community to so many through religion and keeping that intention. By re-purposing the actual structure of the church into a community center you open up the symbol of togetherness to the broader community, no exclusions. I like that.

Anyway, that is my two cents about that. We had a wonderful trip. It was a great experience for me from a social work, networking, learning perceptive as well as an opportunity to relive our honeymoon one year later.

dc waterfall



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