Always in Love with a Book

A few weeks ago I went with one of my favorites to a clothing swap. It was as fun as it sounds. If you are ever invited to one, GO! Great opportunity to empty your closet and pick up a few new things for free. So this favorite that I went with falls into that category for too many reasons to list, but one of the things that makes her a favorite is books. She likes them, I like them, and I like that. Not all my friends read, and that is certainly okay, but it is really nice to have one that does to talk books with. So, while at the clothing exchange I started talking books with my friend and one of her friends.

I am sometimes a bit sheepish when discussing books with strangers because while I do read A LOT I am not exactly sure I can consider myself “well read”. I have read some of the classics, I have been known to read psychology and sociology titles, as well as books about social justice, feminism etc. But my true favorite is adult fairy tales. That is what I read and love the most. One of my all time favorite books is Watership Down. I like this genre because it is an escape. Some people watch TV/go to movies, I read fantasy.

Anyway, during the time of the clothing exchange I had been reading Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank (holy freaking awesomeness), and was discussing that with my friend and the other girl. It is kind of post-apocalyptic but the best part is it is set in Florida. The author is literally talking about College Park in the book which is the little community outside of the city that I live in. How fun to read an interesting fiction that is set in your area. After talking about that book my friend’s friend and I realized we both lean towards the same genre of books. I can’t tell you how excited I was to meet another adult who appreciates how fun this genre is to read. I have to say though, my friend that I was there with has been reading books by Aziz and Mindy Kaling and they all sound amazing as well. I plan on checking them out but I have a stack of titles I am excited to get through first.

So the book I am in love with at the moment is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It is young adult fiction and like most of my books, I am in love. It is a great story. Creepy, mysterious, very much a fairy tale for big kids.

After 9 hours at my placement and finishing my school work in the evening it is nice to have a story to be excited about. I have to say my evenings feel pretty empty if I don’t have a book to enjoy.

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