Talking Politics with my Dads

Politics have come up a lot this week in my family. After Bernie swept New Hampshire my Dad called with some encouraging words for Todd and I.

My parents and I had a heart to heart not so long ago that resulted in us being able to have a much more honest relationship and a strengthened bond. Among the things we talked about was my feeling like a black sheep in the family because my views on a lot of things I did not think lined up with the rest of the family. What I found is that my parents love for me is much stronger than I gave them credit for and none of this changed anything for them.

I am now out of the closet on a lot of things I thought I had to keep hidden to be accepted. This has resulted in a much deeper appreciation and understanding in my family.

So my Dad called after the New Hampshire primary to talk politics. We talked about feminism, we talked about who we like and who we don’t like as much out of the presidential candidates. My Dad said more than one time how proud he was to have such a fair minded, accepting daughter. I feel the same way about him really. My Dad and I believe in very different things but we both also believe in acceptance and respecting others beliefs as well as their rights to their beliefs.

On Wednesday Todd’s parents arrived for a visit. After unpacking the car his Dad sat right down and started talking to me about politics and social justice topics. I know I have mentioned this before but I will say it again, I hit the in-law lottery! Love Mom and Dad Baxter. We were on the same page about everything. He suggested a few books about social justice topics for me and I recommended some documentaries for him.

When I came home from my internship today he was ready to continue the conversation from yesterday evening. I like that he is so willing and eager to discuss this stuff for me. I love talking about social justice issues.

Tonight Todd and I will watch the debate in bed and I am sure Dad and I will have more to talk about tomorrow.

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