Finding Peace Lost in the Mountains

our view

We had two balcony, this was the view from our room.

Our River

lucy on the river

Lucy on the river bank

our river bonfire

Bonfire on the river

walk in the woods

This is the path down the mountain to the river

The Countryside

up the mountain

Riding up the mountain to the cabin

What we came across on some of our hikes

mountain view

The views were stunning!

North Georgia

Last October Todd, Lucy, and I took our first “family” vacation in the north Georgia mountains. It was the best vacation of my life. It was quiet and beautiful and everything I could ever want out of a “life break”. Our cabin was nestled in the mountains and at the bottom was a “creek” that was more like a river in my opinion. It was a private piece of property so it was secluded and we had the creek area all to ourselves for bonfires and playing in the water.

Highlights of the vacation for me:

Lucy got to come. She had a blast and we had a blast with her being there. Since the property was so open and private she did not have to be on the leash which meant lots of running and exploring opportunities.

Hanging by the river. It was a hike through dense woods down the mountain to the river but the hike was beautiful. We had multiple bonfires in the evenings, roasted marshmallows, played in the river and collected river rocks, played chase with Lucy, and just sat quietly together listening to the river.

Hanging in town. There was a sweet little town about 20 minutes away with antique shops, cafes, coffee shops, and artisan shops with handmade goods. Everything you would want as a tourist in a small town. I brought home apple butter and a tree ornament (a tradition we started our first year dating).

Apple picking. Todd has never done a mountain vacation before so I felt like apple picking was important. It was always my favorite part of mountain vacations as a kid and October is prime time apple picking season. We had so much fun in the orchard, it is times like this when I feel like his inner 5 year old and my inner 5 year old get to show up and play together. After picking out the perfect apples we took a tractor ride back to the farmers market and bought all kinds of delicious apple treats. Apple hand pies, apple cider, a caramel apple.. This place was amazing.

Time around the cabin. There were plenty of bubble baths, time in the hot tub, rocking in chairs on the porch, laying around in the hammock, and playing games in the evening at the kitchen table.

Hiking. We did lots of hiking. We enjoyed this aspect of the trip so much we have started hiking around FL now that we are home. I have always known that I feel at home in nature and now it is a family activity. We hiked up mountains to see the view at the top, we hiked through the woods to see waterfalls, and sometimes we just wandered.

The trip, for me, was therapeutic. There was lots of quiet time in nature, it was cleansing. There is no fear of acceptance when you are surrounded by trees, the trees don’t care who you are.

We definitely have plans for similar vacations in the near future. We want to travel as much as possible while we have the time right now. Next we are looking at Vermont. In the interim we are spending lots of time together in nature on the weekends.


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