Calamity Jill: Getting Friendly with a Coat Rack and not so Friendly with a Car Door

Two quick calamity Jill stories to start the week off with a chuckle.

This afternoon I stepped away from my desk to fill my tea cup with hot water in the break room. Upon entering the break room I saw out of the corner of my eye an employee standing at the far corner of the room looking out the window. Instinctually I said good afternoon and went about my business of filling my cup while thinking about a client’s file I had just been working on. Once finished collecting my hot water for tea I turned back around to head for the door and glanced over at the other person to say have a nice day. That’s when I realized it was a coat rack. What is worse is that this was the second time I had spoken to this coat rack, the same thing happened two weeks ago! In my defense there was a long black jacket with a hood hanging on it and at a glance it takes on a bit of a human form. I was just glad no one walked in directly after me and asked who I was talking to.

Unrelated but also mildly humorous was my recent incident with the car door. As I mentioned Todd and I recently bought a new car, well I found out the hard way that the doors close much easier than those on the BMW. With the BMW I have to put a least a little effort into swinging them shut but with the new SUV a breeze could knock the door shut, an excited dog could also do it. The weekend before I started my internship Todd and I were loading Lucy into the car to go on a nature hike. I was putting our hiking backpack in the front seat when Lucy came flying around the corner and bumped the door right as I was stepping back. End result = my thumb being closed in the door. When I got it out I couldn’t think, my nerve receptors were overloaded, all I saw was a white flash of pain when I closed my eyes. Maybe a minute later I was able to think clearly again and noticed Todd was standing in front of me with a hand on my shoulder asking if I was OK? I took my thumb out of my mouth and shook my head yes. He said good and then started laughing. I was befuddled. What could possibly be funny right now?? He took my inside, iced my thumb, and got me some Tylenol, and then told me what he saw when he came into the garage a moment before.. Apparently my reaction to getting my thumb stuck in the door was to start sucking it (I feel like that is normal), close my eyes, and lean forward over the hood of the car running in place a really fast pace.

He apologized for laughing because clearly it hurt but he said he had never seen me run so fast, even if I wasn’t going anywhere.He said if it had been a Bugs Bunny cartoon there would have been smoke coming from my feet I was running so fast. I guess it helped take my mind of the pain? I don’t know.

I was worried I might lose the nail which would be an awful way to start my internship but luckily that never happened. I do have a discoloration under my nail but it is growing out and I wear nail polish so you cannot tell.

What can I say I always seem to find a way to embarrass myself/get into trouble.


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