Sharing the Enthusiasm

I mentioned my supervisor sends me to meet with different agencies once a week to learn more about the referrals we make. The first meeting I had was with an agency that provides respite and I found upon scheduling the meeting that one of my colleagues from school is actually interning at this agency.

After my meeting with my colleague and her supervisor my colleague reached out to me and said that her supervisor has decided to do the same thing for her now and send her out to different agencies once a week. I was so excited for her because I am really enjoying this part of my internship and was even more excited to learn that her supervisor wanted her to start with my office.

So today she sat in on three geriatric assessments with us. We had a chance to talk a bit before they started, I explained what we do and what social work’s role is. When we were done my supervisor took sometime to talk with her about the assessments and it was clear she really enjoyed the experience. I was so happy! I am really enjoying myself and it was exciting for me to see someone else from school get excited about it too.

So as I walked her to the elevator we agreed that we would do some of the future agency meetings together since we serve the same population and will be going to the same agencies anyway. I am so excited. I am grateful for this new connection with her and to have someone that shares my enthusiasm for the work.


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