Spilling Over with Love


I am in my last few days of summer break before the fall term begins and I have been taking time for quiet meditation to reassess my priorities and to get my heart and mind in sync for the next few months. Taking the time to reevaluate what I have been filling my time with and what is important to me has made all the difference.

Yesterday I did chores around the house and went to the interview for my internship at the local hospital. The interview went well and I can tell the social worker whom I will be working under is as excited to have me as I am to be there. When I came home I put on one of my soothing Pandora stations, lit some candles and finished tidying up while thinking more about what I want the next 5 months to look like.

One of my concerns that led me to such introspection is that between my normal workload as a full-time student, the extra work that will come with being a HEALS Scholar, and the amount of travel Todd and I will be doing between now and December (we are traveling every month between now and the end of the year), this semester will undoubtedly be my busiest. It is so important that I stay mindful of what is important to me and maintain healthy boundaries with school this semester. I have to accept that there are things I may have to step back from and that I may have to say No more than Yes to any new opportunities that arise.

By the time Todd arrived home yesterday evening I had spent many hours in peaceful meditation and was filled up with gratitude and love. This is a far cry from the frame of mind I was sitting in over the weekend but that is what mindfulness does, for me at least. It brings me back to the here and now and helps me to see all of the good.

As Todd sat on the couch and researched flights for our D.C. trip in November I looked around me and counted my gratitude. There is so much to be thankful for. Lucy, our home, the ability to travel, being in school, acceptance into the HEALS program, being married to my best friend, even the couch Todd was sitting on that was given to us for free by a neighbor. Every single thing I could see made me beam with gratitude.

Today I woke up to sunshine, a cuddly dog, and a quiet house. I plan to spend the day painting, listening to my music, and drinking hot tea.

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