I see you


Last week I met with a previous professor turned mentor and two of my colleagues from school. We talked for HOURS about religion, our journey, vulnerability, privilege, life, fear, and various aspects of practicing social work. By the end I think we were all exhausted, but that very fulfilling kind of exhaustion where you fall asleep peacefully with a smile on your face.

One of my colleagues and I parked in the wrong parking lot so we walked back to our cars together talking. She and I connected during this meeting, as our mentor thought we might. As we walked we talked more and realized there was something there. It was the kind of connection where you feel like you have known the person your whole life, where it feels like they understand things about your insides that no one possibly could. We talked at our cars for another hour in the rain before finally agreeing that we should continue the conversation at a later date. Soaked to the bone I drove home where I excitedly told Todd about my day.

We have made plans for coffee this week in the garden district not far from where we both live. I am excited to continue our conversation and am grateful for this connection. Our mentor told us weeks ago at his retirement event that he thought she and I were kindred, I am so thankful he took the extra step to bring us together and help us see it as well. From what I can tell she is doing work on herself right now like I am and being able to relate with someone else’s struggle is comforting. We both lead with professionalism at school so we may have never seen this connection without help from our mentor but once we did find the connection it was as if I was seeing into her soul and she could see into mine and surprisingly I did not feel vulnerable or afraid by that.

It is rare for me to feel this kind of deep connection to someone so quickly, I am curious to see where this path leads.


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