HEALS Scholar


Yesterday was by far the busiest day of this week for me. It was part of the reason I had trouble sleeping the night before, the worrier in me was wondering how on earth I would fit all the things I needed/wanted to do into one day and still have energy left at the end of the day. In what felt like the 11th hour I was given a huge boost that carried me through to the end though.

My day started by working/finishing an assignment that is due next week. By 11 I had to leave for campus. Once on campus I spent the next 3 hours reading research articles and working on a case study with three colleagues. By the time we finished we all felt a bit fried but we had an event to attend for one of our professors. While at the event the director of the program came over and was catching up with all of us, right before she left she asked me if I had checked my email. I said not since early in the morning. She then suggested that I check it and said, All I’m going to say is congratulations.

That is all I needed to hear! I knew that was her way of letting me know I got the healthcare scholarship/training program. All of my girlfriends from school who I was with congratulated me and I was on cloud nine. That was wonderful news. My friends and I stuck around a little longer to mingle with some classmates and professors then it was time for me to pick up Isaac for his sleepover.

I so excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to see what I will learn from this. I am also excited because acceptance into this program guarantees that my internship will be in healthcare. I had expected it would be anyway but this makes it certain. My understanding is that we will have monthly meetings where we will receive training materials and will discuss matters that pertain to the social workers role in health care. I still cannot believe I am getting to be a part of this amazing program.

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