A Behind the Scenes Look

I just returned home from the meeting I was invited to attend by the director of the school of social work. I am thankful and honored that she thought to include me. So much of what was discussed was relevant to me personally and it was interesting to get a behind the scenes look at how things work. I do not want to share what took the place in the meeting, that would not be right but one highlight I can share is that I had the opportunity to meet the Dean of my college.

Upon meeting him I discovered he is already familiar with who I am because he is in possession of my group’s community assessment paper. I was delighted and humbled and am very excited to share that news with my former group members.

Yesterday I finished my application for the new social work/healthcare scholarship program at school. I have also written my personal statement, multiple times, and am doing final edits. My plan is to have Todd proof read it for me so I can turn everything in at the end of the week. Then I will be keeping my fingers crossed until I hear back from the advisory board. Hopefully I will be granted an interview with the panel that makes the final decision.

In the interim I am plenty busy with school work, Hospice and the continued work in the community.


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