Sunday Morning Music


Sunday is one of Todd and I’s favorite days of the week. Unofficially it is introvert day in our home. It is the one day we allow ourselves to wake up without an alarm and get up at our own speed. Maybe we will watch Sunday morning news, maybe we will read, sometimes we sit quietly eating breakfast not talking for the first hour or so of being awake. It is divine.

Sunday is our day to do chores as well. We both like this set up because it makes us less disgruntled about cleaning and maintenance of the house. We do it together, which is a big part of why it is enjoyable. We also listen to music, which often leads to dancing, and I am never in a bad mood when dancing.

Once done with our chores we might read or play Bananagrams (one of my personal favorites) or go for a bike ride, whatever we want. It is a laid back no fuss day and I look forward to it every week.

One of my favorite parts of Sunday is the music. It makes chores go by painlessly and it is just a nice way to wake up. Sunday morning music is different than what we listen to other days/times of the week, not every song/band can make the cut. At the Drive In might be alright for driving to school on a Thursday morning but Cedric just doesn’t fit the bill on Sundays. Sunday morning music is softer, soothing, something familiar and comfortable.

This morning our play list included

Willie Nelson- Stardust
The Head and the Heart- Lost in my Mind
Elliot Smith- Angeles
The Milk Carton Kids- Michigan
City and Colour- The Hurry and the Harm
Pinback- Good to Sea You
Elliot Smith- Everything Reminds Me of Her
Bright Eyes- Old Soul Song for the New World Order
James Taylor- Carolina in My Mind
City and Colour- We Found Each Other in the Dark
Death Cab for Cutie- Scientist Studies
Bon Iver- Blood Bank
Simon and Garfunkel- The Sound of Silence
Nouvelle Vague- Love Will Tear Us Apart

It was the perfect soundtrack for waking up, being productive while still relaxing and serene. I sang along with Willie Nelson as I folded towels and found myself dancing in Todd’s arms through the living room to City and Colour. Sunday is the official start of a new week and I could not think of a more peaceful way welcome in the week ahead. I love Sundays and our Sunday morning music.


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