Baking isn’t so Bad

Blackberries were on sale this weekend at the grocery so we stocked up. I love blackberries, definitely one of my favorite berries but they can be expensive so it is a treat when we get them. To celebrate the delicious berry being on sale I decided I needed to do some baking this weekend that highlighted the berry.

Yesterday we spent the day with my parents at their house. They had all four kids as my brother and sister-in-law were off celebrating their anniversary so Todd and I went over to help and celebrate Mother’s day early. How better to celebrate Mother’s day then to spend the day in the kitchen learning from Mom? That is exactly what I did. Me, Mom and Maddie made cookies together when I got there. While the cookies were baking I taught Maddie a new clapping game. Last summer I taught her Miss Mary Mack, yesterday I taught her Wada Lee Acha, I remember learning that one from my Aunt and Uncle when I was her age.

A little while later Mom and I started dinner. She taught me her recipe for curry raisin chicken, So Good! While the chicken, veggies and raisins were simmering we taught Maddie and Isaac the Name Game (or as we knew it growing up, the Banana Fanana song). Isaac loved it! Once he understood how it worked he was running around the house adding everyone’s name to the song, all you heard was Banana Fanana Fo Fodd. I loved that song when I his age too.

Dinner was amazing, then it was time to make desert. My Mom has an outstanding cobbler recipe passed down through her family. It was my great-great-grandmother’s recipe and she used to make it for my Mom when my Mom was a girl. My Mom calls the recipe Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa because it calls for a cup of three different ingredients and it’s ready to go. So simple and good. So I brought my blackberries and some fresh peaches and we made Peach Blackberry Cobbler. It was gorgeous when I pulled it out of the oven, all brown and bubbly with warm peaches and blackberries that were so plump they were ready to burst. I was so pleased with myself.

This morning Todd and I had special breakfast, which we almost never do. I am not a breakfast person. I usually skip it, so bad I know, or at most I might have a granola bar or a piece of fruit with some grapefruit juice or hot tea. I just do not wake up hungry, I am not normally hungry until lunch time. But today since we had these sweet blackberries we decided to make special breakfast. Todd made some turkey bacon and I made cinnamon spiced pancakes with blackberries and boysenberry syrup. It was a bit decadent for my usual taste but it was good.

Today is our usual get-things-done day so I will busy myself dusting and doing laundry etc while Todd mows the grass and does dishes. Later though, when we are finished with our chores, Todd agreed to bake muffins with me. I am going to make my blueberry bran muffins again but this time I am going to substitute blueberries for dried cherries and walnuts. I hope they turn out as good as the first batch.

I have never really enjoyed baking before but as I learn more I am beginning to have some fun. There is a bit of joy that comes from making something amazing and sharing it with the people you love.


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