Summer Break

summer break

Summer break officially starts for me today, I took my last final was yesterday. I cheated and started my summer break activities on Sunday as this photo Todd took of Lucy and I shows.

I have two weeks off before the summer term starts and I am grateful for the free time. I plan to get back to organizing the house, a project Todd and I started a few months ago and did not quite finish. We got the three bedrooms done, along with the closets in each room, it is really the garage that needs some attention now.

I’m already half way through my new book so I think a trip to the book store might be in my future as well. This book I started is one of three and I am enjoying it so much I know I will want to pick up the next one as soon as I finish. It reminds me very much of Watership Down (one of my all time favorites) or the Red Wall series, where all the animals talk and the woods is enchanted. It is a wonderful escape and something I realized after my first day of reading is the author is also the lead singer from The Decemberists. That made me love it that much more. Although I have only listened to one of the albums it was enough to know they are good. They have a Paul Simon/Bon Iver/Iron and Wine quality, it’s good Sunday morning music if that means anything to anyone but me.

This week includes a day trip to the beach, a girls night and possibly a baseball game. Today will find me tidying up, reading and baking cherry nut bran muffins. I have been planning to make these muffins for weeks but as I do not enjoy baking that much I have to wait until I am really feeling inspired to do it, today is the day.


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