School Update

Classes are going well, all A’s in my social work classes and a well earned B in Bio. Hoping to make that an A by semester’s end, the tests are hard though. So far I have scored one A and 2 B’s, aiming for an A on the next 2 so I will be studying hard.

This week will be another busy one, my group for the community assessment project has a meeting scheduled Thursday morning with the principal of a local elementary school. We also plan to spend time in the community on Wednesday in an attempt to make connections with other communities members and hopefully schedule some more interviews. We have been given some leads on where to go so we will see how successful we are.

Last Thursday actors came to my Practice 2 class for role plays. The entire class was nervous, I don’t know one person that wasn’t intimidated by this assignment. I think the majority of us were also excited though, I know I had a mixture of emotions. Our initial meeting with our assigned client went well. There were 4 members of my group, we played the role of BSW interns at an agency. I feel very good about my part in the role play, I feel like I made a meaningful connection with client and was able to build trust. I know at some point our client will go into crisis, we have been warned that the role play will go in that direction. I am reviewing how to handle crisis situations with clients to prepare. I feel pretty good about my abilities and hope we will be effective in serving this client and getting them the help and assistance they need.

I met with one of my professors last who I see as a mentor in the program. She had suggested something to me last semester that I have been processing. I have not mentioned it up to this point because I had not made a decision on whether or not this was something I wanted to do.

Last semester this professor approached me about leadership opportunities as well as volunteer opportunities that would be coming up to determine whether I had interest in any of it. I was flattered that she had thought of me and that she thought me capable and told her I would have to think about it. One of the opportunities was in the student association in the social work program. I had an interest in possibly the role of Vice President but a month later my brother expressed an interest so I chose to step back. It did not feel right to me that both of us would be in leadership roles in the association and if it was something he felt strongly about I wanted that for him. I was interested but I don’t think it meant as much to me.

The volunteer opportunity was for this June when the NASW has their big social work conference. I have been on one of the committees that has been planning and prepping for the event and I will be volunteering at the event as well. I am excited about my role in preparing for the conference. I got to help review proposals and help brainstorm/plan different aspects. It has been an interesting behind-the-scenes experience. This will be the first social conference I attend as well so I am excited for that reason alone not to mention all the work I will be putting into it.

The last and biggest opportunity is the one I met with my professor about last week. I wanted to better understand the position before I made up my mind as to whether I thought I was the right person for the job and if I thought it was something I could make time for in my schedule. My professor has encouraged me on more than one occasion to consider entering my name in the running for NASW BSW student representative for Florida. It is something I have been considering since October and I have gone back and forth multiple times. Now that I fully understand the requirements of the position I do think I could do the job well. I am already familiar with many of the prominent NASW members in my area and even in some surrounding areas thanks to trainings I have attended, NASW meetings and my involvement in the planning for the June conference. I enjoy time spent doing these things and the connections I have made but ultimately I have decided not to enter my name in the running. This is a long-term commitment and I have no way of knowing what the next few semesters are going to look like for me as I finish my degree and start my internship.

I balance pretty well as it is right now but the further along I get in the program the more demanding it becomes and I do not want any other commitment to distract from my schooling, especially at the end. The other thing I had to consider is that by committing to a long-term thing like this means I am limited on other things I can become involved with due to lack of time. I know I want to volunteer with another organization starting either over the summer or in the fall and I am not sure I would be able to plus any other little things that come up between now and next May.

I emailed my professor this afternoon to thank her for meeting with me, inform her of my decision and thank her for her support. It means a lot to me that I have made the connection I have in this program with my instructors as well as fellow students.


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