Chino and Stratego.



Saturday morning we got up early. Our nephew is on a little league team that plays in my home town every Saturday morning. As we drove to the game The Cure was playing in the background. I love 80’s music, Joy Division, Tears for Fears, The Cure, New Order.. Todd, however, does not. I am always trying to work on him, an awesome Depeche Mode song will come on the radio and I will try to make him see how similar it is to some of the music we like now. I am always saying don’t you see how this band’s sound influenced that band’s sound? Rarely am I able to get anywhere.

So we are driving and Love Song is playing in the background. I ask if he knows who sings the song, he answers 311. I say, well yes, technically, but this is the original. Who sings the original? He is clueless. So I make a game of it and start giving hints. My first hint is that they were popular in the eighties and that they were one of the first true “emo” bands. His answer, The Deftones. WHAT?! I exclaim. Are you serious? You know The Deftones right? Please tell me you are joking. He admits he has never actually listened to them. I say, How did I let this happen? How did I marry someone that has never even heard The Deftones? Who is this person I am married to? I immediately stop the game, give him the answer and a little ear full about why The Cure is a great band the proceed to pull up YouTube on the radio to start educating him on the greatness that is Chino Moreno.

I start with the obvious, Change (In the House of Flies). Everyone likes that song, it is a classic and a good starting place for beginners. He liked it, likens them to Love Drug ( I guess I can see that) and I move on to the few songs, two of my favorites, Knife Party at the Niko and Passenger with Maynard from Tool. From there I pulled up Team Sleep and played my favorite, Tomb of Liegia as well as Ever (Foreign Flag). By the time we got to the little league field Todd was in agreement that Chino has an incredible voice and that both bands are worth listening to.

After the game Todd decided to introduce me to some awesomeness he knew I had never experienced before, Stratego. Todd has told me about it before, it is one of his favorite board games from childhood. It involves strategy (shocker) and fair degree of critical thinking skills. We picked it up at the store while I purchased a few items for a baby shower I was attending later in the day.

I went to the baby shower and when I got back in the evening Todd and I made drinks and started playing. I love board games, they are a great introvert activity, but this one is tricky. I am not the best at Chess and this game reminds me of a cross between Chess and Battleship. I have trouble mapping out multiple moves into the future when I play a game. Todd usually beats me at these kinds of games, and such was this case with this game. It is a lot of fun to play though. I like that your pieces are unknown to your opponent until they strike. It is going to take me sometime to get good though.