Hooray for Vaca!

key west


Todd’s parents are coming to visit next week during my spring break. This is exciting in and of itself. What is even more exciting though is that when Todd’s mom called to let us know they were coming she also announced that they want to go to the Keys while they are in Florida this time.

With that Todd and I started the research for a hotel within the parameters his parents gave us. They want to stay on Key West and gave us their portion of the budget for the hotel. We booked everything last month and I have been counting down the days since.

Now personally I have never had a real interest in the Keys. I don’t know why really but the thought of a vacation right is so welcome I would go just about anywhere other than here and be happy. As I have said this semester has been rough and I am so excited to just be out of town and turn my brain off for a few days.

The rental we reserved seems nice. It is two story and has a master suite on each floor which will be so nice because we will be together but still have our own private space. Our master suite has a soaker bath tub I am also super excited about. The one thing I really wish I had on our honeymoon was a bath tub. After all the walking we did I wanted to be able to just relax and soak at the end of the day ans was not able to. I may not even use it but I like knowing it is there if I want it. We also have our own private balcony that looks out over the west coast of Florida which will be nice for sunsets because it is my understanding that the beach is pretty much nonexistent down there.

What I am really looking forward to the most is just being somewhere different and getting to walk around holding Todd’s hand and explore. I am not looking for any real excitement just a change of scenery and a hand to hold.

I just have to get through the rest of this week and a few appointments I scheduled for myself over spring break and I will be able to switch into I-don’t-care-I-am-on-vacation mode.

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