Consensual Interview

This afternoon my classmate came over and we took turns playing the role of client and clinician for our consensual interview assignment. The assignment was to record the role play so as to later review and critique ourselves. I feel good about it but am curios to see the video. My classmate will be emailing it to me tomorrow so we shall see.

It was nice that she was able to come over. Although admittedly the idea of having someone from school cross the line into my personal space initially made me feel a bit wary I am glad now that we had this opportunity to get to know each other better. I become very excited when I meet people who care about the issues and that I can have meaningful conversations with.

My classmate and I had great conversation after we finished our assignment. We take a similar stance on a lot of social issues, she is a bit of a soap box girl as well with her loved ones. I had to laugh at that, I know all too well how that is. We talked about LEAD that is coming up in March, it is an overnight field trip to our state capitol where we will advocate for designated causes and hope to educate law makers. We are both really excited.

It turns out my classmate is a bit of an introvert as well, I discovered this as she was marveling over Todd and I’s book collection. We talked at length about our experiences as introverts and how, at times, we feel misunderstood by our extroverted colleagues. It is nice to feel related to in this way. And by matter of coincidence she is a long time boxer owner as well so she and Lucy got along splendidly.

All in all it was a nice afternoon. I am glad to have the bulk of this project out of the way, all that remains is my write up. I am also grateful for this new connection I made. I had been disappointed by the lack of meaningful connections I have made in the program thus far but I am realizing now that may have more to do with me than those with whom I am in the program.

I am beginning to see that I am more guarded than I realized. I feel somewhat indifferent about that fact though if I’m being honest. I have never been easy to get to know. I am more of a quiet observer at first and over time layers begin to slowly melt away with those I become comfortable with. I treat school as my full-time job, which means I am professional Jill at school and have clearly set boundaries. Professional Jill is concerned less with making friendships and more with the job and doing it well. If I am leading with professional Jill at school then it is no wonder that I have not made many meaningful connections up to this point. I have made quite a few with professors in the program because they are getting to know me through my work ethic and through the papers I submit. I relate well with a few of them and feel that I have earned their respect which I am grateful for.

I am three semesters in and now I am starting to make the connections I longed for with my fellow classmates. I am not looking for friends as much as just like minded people to share thoughts and ideas with. Ironically these connections are not forming because I have become more social and less professional minded but because of my professionalism. I am clearly not the only person in the program that approaches school this way and we who take the less social, more professional approach seem to be slowly gravitating towards each other. Regardless of why it is finally happening I am just glad it is.

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